I pack my bag and in it I put…

Almost on the plane back to Glasgow

I went back to Amsterdam this month (9.12—28-12), now I’m packing my bag and in it I put:

(list under construction)

Tim’s prints

One of them saying:
“Chapter III – in which the artist realises artistic research is not really his thing, and that’s okay.”

The prints are part of Tim’s publication he presented earlier this year at the end of his residency at the Jan van Eyck Academy. Receiving them while standing in the outcome of already his second residency this year at Hotel Maria Kapel in Hoorn (NL), consisting completely of new work, proves again how fast sprouting ideas grow into whole new branches of working. Arriving a few days prior to the closing date (16th of December) I was lucky enough to view this exhibition without being carried around as a Skype-connected floating eye inside Tim’s laptop.

‘Still Life w/ Long Drink Glasses, Ping-pong Balls and Footnotes’ shows Tim’s approach of a work by Damien Hirst and the particular way it is kept inside a private collection of a collector from the area. Suggestively approaching the odd structures behind ‘the multiple’ not in order to analyse or make sense of those structures, but to visually research the imagery, language and regulations we surround these structures with. Can something be a multiple if it is made by two different artists that supposedly do not know of each other’s practice that have unintentionally used the exact same ready-made as part of their work? It would be a single-sided conclusion to say that the attempts towards the declaration of authenticity are failing. In the midst of statements that declare authenticity as a futile intent in a networked society, artists, gallerists and museums still construct all types of documents and prove that construct ‘the body’of work (in legal terms) constraining both that body and that of the artist to that imaginary structure. The collective suspense of disbelief that is both fascinating and strange

Photo: Tim Hollander

Diffractive pedagogies

One of the people I was happy to meet again while in Amsterdam was Liza Prins.

Straws to mimic Alpine atmospheres

While in Amsterdam,

Elysa Taocheng Wang’s book

Hand-out from an exchange with Sean

4x ‘Conversation Pieces’ I couldn’t resist

1 for me and one for each special individual I love having a conversation with so much.

Murmuring on Victorine’s lap

When I still lived in Amsterdam, my friend Victorine was one of the people I practised some good ‘living apart together’ with. When I stayed with her again this month, we read to each other. Not your general novel, but Pascal Gielen’s ‘The murmuring of the Artistic Multitude’. 

This silly souvenir

The effects of André’s hand massage

Exciting Christmas Presents (books!)

  • Peter Sloterdijk, Bubbles (1998)
  • Peter Sloterdijk, Foam (2004)
  • Antonio Damasio, Decartes’ Error (2006)
  • Brandon LaBelle, Lexicon of the Mouth (2014)